What the @#&*? What the hell is Trump doing??? Does he want WWIII?

America has launched 59 Tomahawk missiles against Syria! I thought Trump was going to get us out of stupid wars! It appears he’s allowed his neocon Generals to talk him into WWIII!

This attack is in retaliation of Syria’s President Assad using chemical weapons against civilians. It’s doubtful Assad used chemical weapons. More likely, it is the ISIS rebels who used the chemicals in a false flag attack.

Syria is backed by Russia. Who is backed by China. Is Trump prepared to start a war with those two countries over Syria? Really??

What significance is Syria to America? Who gives a @#&* about Syrians?

It appears the neocon globalists have gotten to President Trump. This could turn bad real soon. I’m talking REAL bad real soon if America’s enemies decide to take America on.

I believe this is a huge mistake by Trump!


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