US Prosecutors Accuse China of Targeting Dissidents In the United States

On Wednesday, U.S. prosecutors accused a Chinese citizen of trying to press critics of China’s government in the United States. They were charged with traveling to China to face possible punishment.

Sun Hoy Ying (53), was charged with conspiring and acting as an unregistered agent for the Chinese government. According to a Manhattan federal court complaint, he was not sealed.

U.S. prosecutors claimed that the FBI is investigating individuals who, at the direction of China’s government, were involved in an operation known as “Operation Fox Hunt,” or “Operation Skynet,” which sought to forcibly return people to China considers fugitives.

Prosecutors stated in a statement that Sun is currently free in China. He could not be reached immediately for comment as it was not known when he had left the United States. A request for comment was not immediately received by the Chinese Embassy in Washington.

Damian Williams, U.S. attorney in Manhattan, stated in a statement that “Today’s accusations reflect this office’s continued dedication… to fight translational repression, and bring to justice those responsible.”

Two weeks ago, five individuals were accused by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn of trying to intimidate and spy on Chinese dissidents in the United States. In that case, three were arrested.

Prosecutors claimed Sun used private investigators in order to spy on a U.S citizen whose pregnant daughter was held against her will for eight months in China.

China told the daughter that she should not seek U.S. assistance and that she would not be allowed to leave China unless she assisted in making the target return to China, according to prosecutors.

Sun was also a co-conspirator with a U.S. police officer to force another target to comply with China’s demands, according to prosecutors.

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