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12:55 PM 12/23/2017

MSNBC host Joy Reid said that President Trump is “unabashedly white nationalist” and has an “unembarrassed” embrace of a “white supremacist attitude.”


Reid, appearing on “Deadline: White House” Friday, said, “I think Charlottesville crystallized what the core complaint about Donald Trump has been really throughout his public life, which is that he brings forward blatantly bigoted views and that he has a soft spot for people like those tiki torch marchers, that he does see some redeeming quality in white nationalism and that, you know, to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ point, he’s the first white president.” (RELATED: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Suddenly Loves Law Enforcement When It’s Going After Trump [VIDEO])

She continued, “He ran on white nationalism and he’s sort of unabashedly white nationalist in his sensibility, in the fact that that’s where he still stands even now, is sort of shocking for American presidents. I think not since Woodrow Wilson have we had a president that had that embrace of that kind of white supremacist attitude, just unembarrassed about it.” (RELATED: MSNBC Guest: GOP Is A ‘Domestic Terror Group’ [VIDEO])

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