One of the North Korean agents who detonated a bomb aboard a South Korean passenger jet asserts that President Donald Trump’s decision to relist North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism is a “good thing.”

Citing the murder of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s half-brother Kim Jong Nam with a banned chemical weapon and the alleged brutalization of an American college student, Trump has decided to once again list the murderous North Korean regime as a state sponsor of terrorism.

“North Korea has always been a terrorist nation,” Kim Hyon-hui, one of two North Korean agents involved in the 1987 bombing of Korean Air Flight 858, told Voice of America. The tragic bombing killed everyone on board, ending the lives of more than 100 innocent people. North Korea has never apologized for this attack. In the wake of this “terrorist act,” the Department of State designated North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism, a title it held for two decades.

The rogue regime was removed from the list in 2008, when the North promised to dismantle its nuclear weapons program, a deal the country violated.

Kim believes it was “a major mistake” to remove North Korea from the list “without receiving a formal apology from the North Korean regime for the bombing.”

“North Korea still will not admit it and remains unapologetic, blatantly claiming the bombing was the South’s self-fabricated plot and continuing its provocative actions — acts of terrorism and threats of nuclear devastation,” she said, adding, “It is thus a good thing to return North Korea to the terrorism state sponsor list, which I believe would be effective, especially at this time when the international community has become more inclined to pressure the regime.”

Kim’s comrade committed suicide, but she was captured by authorities in the aftermath of the bombing. She confessed to her crimes, and has spent her life revealing the truth behind the North Korean attack.

While it is certainly the most infamous of North Korea’s overseas attacks, the 1987 bombing was not the North’s first foray into terrorism. North Korean agents set off a bomb in Burma in 1983 in an attempt to kill South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan. The horrific attack killed 17 South Korean officials and four Burmese nationals. The North has also carried out kidnappings and assassinations in countries around the world.

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