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10:19 PM 11/24/2017

CNN’s Jim Acosta floated a possible Time Person of the Year Friday: Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


Acosta, guest hosting, “Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer,” said, “[Trump] was person of the year last year, Rebecca. So isn’t once enough? You know, and also, I mean, let somebody else have a chance. Maybe it’s Robert Mueller’s turn, potentially?” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson Calls Jim Acosta The ‘Drunk Guy At The Party With Bad Breath Who Won’t Stop Talking’ [VIDEO])

CNN reporter Rebecca Berg replied, “Maybe it will be Mueller this year. I think that would get under the president’s skin, even more than not being Person of the Year himself. But you’re right, he has been Person of the Year. He’s been featured on Person of the Year magazine editions before. So yeah, maybe somebody else’s turn.” (RELATED: Trump Calls CNN’s Jim Acosta ‘Fake News’ Again [VIDEO])

Trump tweeted about the upcoming Time 2017 Person of the Year cover Friday:

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