This was fantastic!

Kellyanne Conway joined Sean Hannity to discuss the latest liberal conspiracy that Donald Trump Jr. colluded with the Russians in a 20 minute meeting in June 2016.

Kellyanne mocked the Democrats and liberal media with cue cards.

Kellyanne was on a roll.
The Trump campaign manager pulled out cue cards to help liberals understand the meaning between collusion and delusion.

Kellyanne Conway: In addition to being a kind of myopic, lemming-like, ants-on-a-sugar-cube mentality on this story by many in the media, there’s just this culture of sameness. Everyone sounds the same… So I just want to review, in case you run out of time, this is how I see it so far. This is to help all of the people at home. What’s the conclusion? Collusion? No. We don’t have that yet. I see illusion and delusion.

Via Hannity:

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