This is the so called “Professional” space for the   How the subscription works is this:  You start at the for free and they leak articles or great calls for RealMoney well after the calls were made.  This is done to entice you to pay for the next level of service.   Then you subscribe, only to find out that to get the real so called “good” ideas you need to subscribe to the next level.

real money newsletter

It is SO frustrating to be pushed and pushed to buy more, after you just paid for a new service.  Its basically one big promotional machine, and is definitely more concerned with selling subscriptions than making the subscribers money.

However, I highly recommend Jim Cramer’s Investing Club – click here for free trial!

The Real Money Pro site is centered around a hedgefund manager named Doug Kass.  Doug is a very good writer and frames many of his thoughts around pop culture references.  He makes 6 or so posts a day.  He  appears well connected.  Some of his insights are great if you are running a billion dollar hedgefund or a mutual fund.  He gives big macro ideas and is often waaaayyyyy early.   For example he was very bearish on housing back in 2002, and you would have lost your shirt following him until 08.   I read back about him and he was doing the same thing in tech in the mid 90’s calling to sell.  Again if you had enough money to stay in there, great,  but you would have lost your shirt waiting for his predictions to come to fruition.

RealMoney Pro will give you insight into economic releases.  That’s great if you want to impress your friends by reciting some stats and theories.  But if you are like me, and want to make money from the information you pay for, then this service is NOT for you.  When you are done reading the newsletter, you often feel like you just read a very high-end report on what is going on with the market.  But when you ask yourself how to take Action on the info, you are left wondering.   In other words, the content of the newsletter is often nothing you can make a direct response buy or sell from.

Also much of the writing seem to be reprints or just different takes on what you would see in Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.  Many times they simply just chime in, on the same topics that are currently on CNBC.  Nobody needs to pay for this type of service, provided you have a TV.

If you are someone just trying to run your own money, the RealMoney Pro is not for you.  They have some intelligent guys besides Kass, who post on there, but in general it is very confusing to follow and not worth the $2000 + a year.   This newsletter service is very overpriced, and definitely not worth the money in my opinion.