As many of you may have noted, the religion of peace has struck once again. This time it was in Sweden where a Muslim refugee used a hijacked truck to maim and murder a number of innocent civilians in the capital of Stockholm. No clear-cut reason was given, nor is any that makes sense likely to be offered. However, the liberal response to this terrorist act is classic in a socialist utopia that is rapidly committing societal suicide.

Instead of blaming the immigrant Muslim and his culture for the crime, a Swedish journalist has a better solution. Her idea is simply to ban vehicles within the cities during certain hours. To paraphrase AWD, “I shizer you not.”  The depths of liberal insanity really know no bounds.

Writing in the newspaper Aftonbladet, Eva Franchell states, “Cars have turned into deadly weapons.”

Ya think Eva and btw what is the common denominator? Here’s a huge hint and it’s not booze. But if you guessed that it might be imported from the mid-east you could be on to something.

The idiotic Ms. Franchell wrote, “That they (cars) have been used as effective murder machines by terrorists wanting to kill many people.”

Hey Eva did you think that one up before or after you stuck your head in a paper bag full of airplane glue? It’s nice to know that my Uncle Max, blowing a 300+ blood alcohol while driving his F350 is a lot safer than the average sober Muslim in a truck.

Her recipe for prevention of further crimes of this type is to ban vehicles from city centers, especially during “peak use periods” and where people are most likely to congregate. No mention was made about Islam and its fanatics.

Not to be outdone in the idiot department a Green Party politician decided to put a sexist spin on the event by stating that reducing the number of motor vehicles is a “gender equality” issue.

Karolina Skog was quoted as saying, “Cars are driven largely by men so by giving a lot of space to cars; we’re giving space to men at the expense of women.”

If any of you can translate what this nitwit is saying please drop a line in the comment section.

Another socialist moron wrote,” that we should meet hate with more love.” Really? Not when they’re trying to kill you. Trust me on this point. It doesn’t work.

My message to the Swedish people is simple. You have a failed immigration policy and your country has imported the seeds of its destruction. Much of this is because of your low birth rate. I just don’t understand how this can pose such a problem especially in a land with attractive, blue eyed, blonde women and history of quality porno. That seems like an easy problem to fix. QLB will be happy to send his youngest son and a few of his buddies to help solve this dilemma for a nominal fee.

You also imported the wrong immigrants. You decided that Muslims would do jobs that Swedes wouldn’t do. Instead they do nothing except sit on their ass and commit crimes. My thought is Sweden should have imported Mexicans instead. Not only does the US have more Mexicans then it needs, Mexico has more Mexicans then they need. They will actually work very hard, are Christian and are a whole lot less violent than the Muslims. Their women are also vivacious, don’t wear burkas and are very adept at increasing the birth rate. Something for you Swedish guys to think about.

I have repeated often that liberalism is a mental illness and a path to societal suicide. It’s not just the nutcases trying to run the asylum; it’s now the nuttiest of the nuts attempting to be in charge. There is simply no insane principle that liberalism will not embrace. Look, I don’t mind if they want to follow a pathway to self-destruction. I just don’t want their weird personal belief that abortion is somehow retroactive to apply to me.

What is also clear is that liberals have now traveled beyond being useful idiots and enablers of those who want to destroy modern society. They are now moving indelibly into the enemy camp as allies. That makes them the enemies of civilization. We have to start thinking about our own survival now.


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