Two weeks following a “secret” Israeli army cable leaked, indicating coordination between Israel and Saudi Arabia over Syria and constituting the very first formal evidence that the Saudis and Israelis are intentionally intending to escalate the situation in the Middle East, by using Syria as a false flag scapegoat, moments ago the IDF declared that an Israeli tank had fired upon Allied military positions close to the Israeli border in the Golan Heights on Sunday, after what the IDF known as a “violation of the 1974 ceasefire.

Israeli forces close to a boundary fence between the Israeli side of the Golan Heights and Syria

According to JPost, the IDF fired upon Allied military positions Sunday evening close to the Israeli border in the Golan Heights on Sunday, the IDF spokesperson’s office reported.

This is the second “warning shot” from Israel into Syrian territory in just two days. Based on the JPost, a similar event happened on Saturday, when an IDF tank fired a warning casing nearby Syrian forces following identifying a Syrian army-built outpost from the demilitarized zone between Syria and Israel, similarly contrary to ceasefire agreements.

According to reports, Allied forces were working to strengthen a military outpost from the buffer zone and an IDF tank fired deterring shots.

According to the IDF spokesman, the outpost was located close to Hader’s village . After fighting in the village, the IDF said that it was willing to give help and stop the capture of the Druse village earlier this month.

“The IDF is ready and prepared to help the inhabitants of the village, also will stop the damaging or conquering of the village of Hader because of our deep commitment to the Druse population,” said IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, Northern Command commander Maj.- Gen. Yoel Strick and Commander of the Bashan Division Brig.-Gen. Yaniv Ashur were believed to be assessing the position on Israel’s northern boundary.

It is unclear if Syria (or even Russia, or even Iran) were likely a retaliation.