Every day brings another story of another criminal illegal alien who had been deported committing yet more violent crime in America. I’m sure it’s occurred to readers that without a border wall to keep the vermin out, deportation is as useless as a cigar lighter in the Clinton Oval Office.

Many deported criminals have re-entered America so many times they could serve as geography teachers. And illegal alien criminals released on bail rarely return for trial. Why should they? They simply skip town, go somewhere else and use another name. Yes, America is estupido.

The American people are stupid for continuously electing the corrupt men and women of Congress who allow, and even encourage illegal immigration. Even today, Speaker Paul Ryan and the wicked John McCain (screw you, Arizona!) are fighting to keep Trump’s border wall funding from passing. Is anyone surprised? If so, you probably are from Wisconsin or Arizona.

This was posted at Breitbart today:

Twice Deported Illegal Immigrant Charged for Allegedly Molesting Minor at Day Care

40 year old illegal who had been deported molests a 12 year old girl.

The question that begs asking is, when the government actively works against its people, what must happen before the people take matters in their own hands?

Again, I ask. What will it take before law-abiding, normal, middle-class taxpayers take to the street in anger to retake America? I’d love to hear your responses.

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