Lots of saber rattling going on these days amongst the big boys of global politics. President Trump has attacked Syria over a supposed chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government and is echoing former Imam Obama’s words that Syrian President Assad must go.

This obviously has Russia nervous as Assad is their ally. Russia is sending warships and anti-aircraft systems to Syria. One misfire and we may be faced with WWIII.

So why is Trump willing to risk world war over dead Muslims in Syria he intends to keep from immigrating to America? Well, as usual, it has nothing to do with human life. It’s about money. And, in this case, natural gas.

Russia supplies Europe with the vast majority of their natural gas. This is very lucrative. Russian and Syrian ally Iran would like to get some of this action, too. Russia likes Iran because Iran buys lots of nuclear and military materiel from Russia.

To counter Russia and Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to also build a natural gas pipeline through Syria to reach Europe. The traditional Shia vs Shiite Muslim sh*t that will forever keep the Middle East a war zone. But this time, the Muslim countries have superpowers backing them.

Here’s a long but informative video on why Syria is getting so much attention:

AWD, before he learned Syria was about natural gas, said Shia Muslims killing Shiite Muslims? Pass the popcorn! This is what Americans should dream about! But again, Syria isn’t about human rights. Because when have Muslims ever cared about humans or rights?

But what happened to make Trump decide to get involved? Did the Saudis tell him they were prepared to not trade in petrodollars if America didn’t get involved in Syria? It’s very likely. Recently, China and Russia created offices to enact trades outside of the US dollar, the global standard. Both countries have been buying tons of gold and it’s very likely they are trying to weaken or eliminate the US dollar in global finance.

So this Syrian bombing and risk of world war is over keeping the dollar as the global standard. America is $20 trillion in the hole but has a big, bad military. Or we hope! Because with a carrier group steaming for North Korea and China massing 150,000 troops on the North Korean border, we could soon find ourselves in a shooting war against both China and Russia.

If that happens, don’t look for our weak-ass NATO partners to jump in. America will likely be on our own with two worthy adversaries. Could get sporty.

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